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packaging design

Hostess HoHos packaging redesign

It's a personal project I did to enhance the old HoHos packaging since I like the product but it's really easy to break due to it's insecure thin material. Inspiration came from bee hives as the final product can be store as bee hive pattern.

The newly designed Hostess Ho Hos (3 cakes/pack) packaging are made of 80% maximum recyclable paper stock. Compared to its original packaging, paper stock hexagon box offers improved protection to its product and also brought sustainability to a higher level..

The box itself will have strong support from the weight of the material. Compared to the original plastic cover, packaging which are easily squeezed under pressure when stacked, hexagon packaging can easily be packed into larger boxes and shipped in trucks, making transportation easier and faster.

Project details

Client:   self DIY
Category: Package, Marketing
Date:     21 October 2011